Common Cryptocurrency Slangs and Terms and its Meaning


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Bitcoin, Altcoins(other crypto coins) came with all kinds of slangs and terms. The major coins remains Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Binance Coins, Tron(TRX) and hundreds more coins with various names trying to solve one problem or another.


The below

  1. HODL

This term actually came to exisiting when ‘hold’ was misstyped has ‘hodl’ which means ‘dont sell your coins’, Hold On for Dear Life.

2. FUD

Fear Uncertainty and Doubts. Don’t listen to the rumors and bad press, they are just spreading ‘FUD’. Some players do spread FUD so that weak hands(quick sellers, newcomers) can sell off their holdings at lower price.


Fear Of Missing Out. I don’t want to miss out on this uptrend. You can use this term in your everyday life.  However, if someone says FOMO in crypto-related topics, they’re probably feeling an urgent need to get in on what everyone else is doing: buying a certain cryptocurrency when they think its price is about to hike!

4. Shill

An Individual telling people to buy an altcoins because he would benefit from it. Probably bought at much lower price and hoping to sell out to new buyers at higher price to make gains.

5. To the Moon

Used to describe when a crypto coins is rising and rising in price. ‘TRX is going to the Moon or ETH is mooning’.

6. Whale

Someone who holds a large portion of a Cryptocurrency. For example, some individuals like CZ of Binance, Grayscale Investment, Huobi and many more can be described as Bitcoin Whales.

7. Rekt

To suffer losses from coins that have dropped in value. Yes, “rekt” comes from the word “wrecked” in gaming and is used when a player gets completely destroyed in a game. So when someone loses a great deal of money from their collapsed coins, they get #rekt! This usually happens in Margin Trading, because two seconds like this, every where Scatter(burst). lmao.

8. Bag Holder

Someone holding on to a cryptocurrency that has greatly dropped in price to the point of being described as worthless

What do you think about the various terms.

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