How can I become Knowledgeable and Smart like Bill Gate



1. Take your time

As of early 2018, Bill Gates is 62 years-old; Elon Musk, his younger counterpart is 46 years-old.

I’m not convinced I can describe the following fact to you in all crystal clearness, but I’ll take my chances:

That’s a tremendous amount of time to amass gargantuan amounts of knowledge.

They’ve had years to learn. Don’t expect to be the same as them by next morning.

Do not rush it. Do not burn out by circuiting yourself through rigorous study sessions.

Learn something intriguing each day. Build your knowledge in the form of bricks, as if you’re constructing an enormous tower that serves as a testament to your wisdom.

Brick by brick, you’ll get there eventually.

2. Read

I can’t overstress this enough. Independently of your preferred choice for the intake of knowledge (paper, kindle, or in audio form), you must feed your brain with the quality food it deserves if you’d like to be at the same level as these giants.

Bill Gates may serve as demonstration: he reads over 50 books each year.

That approximately translates to one book per week.

Most people do not even read that single amount in months.

As such, as the intelligent carbon-based being that you are, please clear some space in your current schedule to adopt this timeless discipline, one which will most surely sprout countless benefits.

3. Make notes

To read for the sake of reading isn’t enough in the words of the master.

“You know, when you’re reading, you have to be careful that you really are concentrating,” says Gates.

“… For me, taking notes helps make sure that I’m really thinking hard about what’s in there.”

Taking notes allows you to form more deeply ingrained connections inside your mind, which make it actively easier to recall the lessons it has recorded inside.

4. Apply & Discuss

Knowledge is utterly worthless if it isn’t put to the test or bared to the world to be of use.

What is the value of learning from a nutrition book if its teachings aren’t applied in your day-to-day life? Or worse, what is the value of such information if it isn’t even questioned nor discussed?

Be proactive in your journey for understanding: reach out and make use of what is fed to you.

Talk it. Debate it. Converse it. Mold it. Try it. Review it.

Use it.

5. Surround yourself with intelligent individuals

The most brilliant humans in the world, at least the vast majority of them, have always had a mentor by their side guiding their steps, clarifying their doubts, and motivating them to ponder and contemplate the nature of how this world of ours works.

Search for those ahead of you on this journey. Ask for advice. Be humble enough to be taught, and leave your ego right outside of the door.

This is how you make it exponentially easier to reach the top.

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

– Isaac Newton


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