Are you Gaining or Losing when you Trade? Know your expected Trading Outcome


Welcome to CryptoPot Blog. It is our duty to make you understand how Bitcoin, and other Cryptocurrency works.

Today, I will be introducing you to the latest feature on the CryptoPot Website(Calculate Expected Trading Returns).

When you are Trading or trying to place a Trade, whether Spot, Future, Margin or other  Trading, you may want to  know exactly your Gains, Loss, or percentage Loss or Gains in advance.

That is the reason we Added this feature on the CryptoPot Website.

Know your Expected Gains

How to use the Expected Trading Returns Feature

– Goto the CryptoPot main website on then scroll to find this area(Expected Trading Returns).

– From the Image above, you provide input in the 3 input area, then you will see the Result

  • Bought At/If I But At: This represent the initial price
  • Sell At or If Current Price Is: This represent the future price
  • The Worth you buy in Currency: e.g $500 or the amount you are buying in your local currency. eg 1000 Euro, 50 pounds, 120 yuan etc.

Then, it will show the Result.

Let’s know what you think about this feature in the comment section or tweet at us:


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